Two painless ways to give (even if you don’t have extra money)

The United Way of Northern New Mexico is asking for contributions for the Community Action Fund, which benefits non-profit organizations in Los Alamos and Rio Arriba County.

But what if you don’t have the extra funds to donate?

There are two easy ways to provide financial support without having to spend any extra money.

You can help us raise money just by buying everyday things that you already need, like groceries and books.


When you shop at Smith’s, they will donate a portion of every purchase to the United Way when you sign up for the Inspiring Donations® program. It’s easy. Just go click here to get to the enrollment page. 

Look to the bottom left hand side of the page. There you’ll see a big button that says “I’m a customer.” Click on it.

You’ll then be taken to a page where you can sign in (if you already have a Smith’s account) or create a new account using your name, email address and a password.

If you already have a Rewards Card, you can enter your ID.

When you enter your ID you will be able to choose an organization. Use the search bar to look for United Way of Northern New Mexico or use the code “NK595”. Once you find it, press the blue “Enroll” button.

Then you’re done!

They will immediately begin to donate .5% of every purchase that you make. It seems like a small percentage, but it really adds up!


If you ever shop on Amazon, there is one small thing that you can do to to make a big difference for the United Way of Northern New Mexico (and also all the non-profits that we support).

Join Amazon Smile. They will donate .5% of all eligible AmazonSmile purchases to United Way of Northern New Mexico.

All you have to do is register your account so that the donations will go to the United Way.

Click here to get started.

You’ll enter your Amazon username and password.

When you finish that step you will go to a page that will allow you to choose a charitable organization who will get the money. Use the search bar to enter in United Way of Northern New Mexico.

You should see it listed. Just push the yellow “Select” button and you’ll be all set to go.

.5% of all of your purchases will be sent to United Way of Northern New Mexico, and that money will support organizations in our community. It makes a big difference and only takes a couple of minutes to set up.

The money that comes through AmazonSmile helps us fund non-profit organizations in Los Alamos and Rio Arriba County. Don’t forget to log on using