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United Way Youth Team Raises Thermometer

Fresh off of hosting four events in two months, the United Way Youth Team helped pump up the Community Action Fund thermometer.  All of their events raised over $1,000 each.  All of which will be going to programs helping youth.  Last year the youth team gave a generous donation to Juvenile Justice Advisory Board to help bring mental health first aid to those working with youth. Mainly teachers and facility at Los Alamos Public Schools.

Thank you to all of the local businesses who supported the Youth Team this year and made their fundraising possible.

Zia Credit Union

Los Alamos Public Schools

Los Alamos County

KRSN FM 107.1

Los Alamos Teen Center

Pig + Fig Cafe

Secret City Kitchen

Bob’s Bodacious BBQ


Special thanks to our volunteers who made these events happen.  Margaret Ellis, Cathe McClard, Kurt Steinhaus, Troy Hughes.  Very special thanks to Morrie Pongratz for his never-ending support for youth in our community.


You can always donate to the United Way Youth Team to help fund youth programs in Los Alamos.  Just click here


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When Community Action Funds Leave Our Counties

United Way of Northern New Mexico (UWNNM) Community Action Fund (CAF) is helping a nonprofit in Albuquerque and another in Santa Fe.   Can’t they find a nonprofit in their service area to provide similar services?  Actually, no, they can’t and, probably shouldn’t for these particular services.  Ronald McDonald house, located in Albuquerque, serves residents in … Continue reading

Cornerstone Investors and Regional Partner Boost Thermometer

There is a cost of doing business in all industries, even the nonprofit industry.  United Way of Northern New Mexico has had the pleasure to partner with businesses so that these costs are covered.  The Cornerstone program of UWNNM gives the opportunity for businesses to invest in United Way to allow for research, coordination & advocating … Continue reading

From Suffering to Strength to Barrios Unidos – A New Recovery Facility in Chimayo

From Lupe L. Salazar, Barrios Unidos:   Fourteen years ago, I began a fruitless search to find help for Fernando. He had just turned 18 and landed in the Espanola City Jail with his 1st Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge.  He walked out of jail, a Tecato, a junkie, an intravenous user. I went to … Continue reading

A New Way to Measure Community Action

From left, UWNNM Executive Director Kristy Ortega, UWNNM Board President Steve Boerigter, UWNNM Board Member Jill Cook, UWNNM Campaign Chair and LAPS Superintendent Dr. Kurt Steinhaus and UWNNM Board Member Valerie Martinez.

From left, UWNNM Executive Director Kristy Ortega, UWNNM Board President Steve Boerigter, UWNNM Board Member Jill Cook, UWNNM Campaign Chair and LAPS Superintendent Dr. Kurt Steinhaus and UWNNM Board Member Valerie Martinez.

Here at United Way of Northern New Mexico (UWNNM) the people we touch have been, and will always be, on the forefront of the work we do.  For years we measured the money we raised in the Fall.  Looking at this made us scratch our head and ask ourselves ‘is this the measure of our successes?’  Digging into the programs we work with and asking our community partners we realized that just $50 a year can help one person utilize the services they need. Not to mention possibly helping the family of the individual.  $50!  ”It was incredible to find out that such a small amount per year can go such a long way to help someone,” UWNNM Executive Director Kristy Ortega said. “This really speaks to how our nonprofits can effectively and efficiently use resources.”  Now we know on average what it takes to assist someone for a year and can measure the lives we touch.  At this year’s Community Action Fund Campaign Kickoff we unveiled our new way of measuring. The Community Action Fundraising thermometer in front of the Los Alamos Post Office will measure people assisted rather than funds raised.  After all, isn’t really about the people we serve?

In 2017, UWNNM has a goal of helping 12,200 people have access to nonprofit services in the area of education, health and financial stability. This year, UWNNM announced its concentration on behavioral health services as this is an area with many gaps in resources and great need to residents in Northern New Mexico.

For a full listing of programs funded by UWNNM in 2016, visit https://unitedwaynnm. org/community-partners/.

To donate to United Way’s Community Action Fund, visit https://unitedwaynnm.org/donate/ or call 505.662.0800.

Resource Advocate Steers Family to Recovery

Andrea, a divorced Mother of several children, needs assistance with her teenage daughter, Sally, who is experiencing depression, anxiety, and was referred by the Probation Officer for Truancy. Their father moved away less than two months ago and continues to communicate with the children weekly. The family lives in small home and Andrea works part-time while children are in … Continue reading

2016 Community Action Funded Partners

Picking a charitable organization to invest in is quite the task in 2016. Luckily, investors in United Way of Northern New Mexico’s Community Action Fund leave the choosing up to the experts in the field of nonprofit work. United Way of Northern New Mexico (UWNNM) works in the communities of Northern New Mexico and has … Continue reading

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