Joseph Legare

Joseph Legare, BS, MS, PMP, STS

“Our most important role as leaders in the environmental industry is to develop our people to attract the best and brightest, to give them the tools to be successful, and to prepare them to take the mantle of responsibility for the next generation.”

~ Joseph Legare


Experience Summary

Joseph Legare has more than 30 years of experience in the nuclear industry, including extensive work for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) (field and headquarters) and as a contractor achieving complex cleanup objectives through time-saving, cost-effective innovations. He brings valuable experience as a senior executive, strategic planner, public speaker, and consensus builder. He has led hundreds of public meetings communicating complex and controversial issues and achieving consensus. Joe has a proven track record of achievement throughout his career with significant organizational development, safety and quality culture improvement, and program management experience. Joe is an organizational leader and team builder who has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to establish goals, set metrics, reach consensus, and drive results.


Relevant Experience

Huntington Ingalls Nuclear 2018 - Present

Vice President and Executive Officer (XO), N3B, LLC. (2019 – Present)

Responsible for daily operations of the N3B Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract implementation, a five year, $1.4B project to cleanup environmental contamination, ship waste and execute the New Mexico Consent Order. The mission is executed by ~650 N3B and subcontractor personnel engaged in all aspects mission, mission support and business support activities.

Vice President and Environmental Remediation Program Manager, N3B, LLC. (2018)

Responsible for execution of a $700M program for environmental remediation of legacy contamination at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. Leads an organization responsible for planning and execution all environmental remediation programs including soil, groundwater, surface water, and facility D&D.

Stoller Newport News Nuclear (SN3), Newport News VA

2014 - 2017 Vice President, Maritime Operations.

Joe was the senior SN3 executive at Newport News Shipbuilding subsequent to the acquisition of Stoller by Huntington Ingalls Industries. He was responsible for integration of operations with the new parent company, presenting risk review of business opportunities to the HII executive team, and integration of branding and corporate communications. Joe was responsible for development of annual SN3 performance metrics to drive business objectives. Joe was responsible for managing SN3 support to shipyard environmental programs, including characterization of the nuclear repair machine shop, planning for dismantlement of the nuclear powered carrier USS Enterprise, planning for the dismantlement of the Surface Ship Support Barge (spent nuclear fuel pool), and scoping for the üExecutive Leadership üProgram Management üStrategic Planning üOrganizational Development üCitizenship: U.S. üClearance: DOE Q (active)Joseph Legare, BS, MS, PMP, STS 2 D&D of the structural barrel discharge facility. He also was responsible for providing SN3 environmental and radiological personnel to support planning for refueling and overhaul of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington.

S.M. Stoller Corporation, Broomfield, CO 2006 - 2013

Vice President. (2008 - 2013)

Joe developed, promulgated and coordinated the Stoller Strategic Plan for sustainable growth to become a tier one contractor to the DOE. The plan was updated annually, identified discrete objectives and metrics, and reported on quarterly to drive performance. The company received venture capital investment which ultimately resulted in acquisition of Stoller and realization of strategic objectives as a tier one contractor to the DOE. Joe led the transition team for due diligence review, and ultimately for integration of Stoller with the acquiring company.

Legacy Management Program

General Manager. (2008-2013)

Joe was responsible for all aspects of contractor performance at 90 former Manhattan Project facilities in 28 states and Puerto Rico. He managed 400 technical, business, and support staff with an annual budget of $60M and led an initiative to transform this diverse multi-site organization into a single “LM” culture that embraced safety, collaboration and openness as principle values. Key mission areas included environmental remediation and stewardship; development and execution of a national records archive; information technology and cyber security in support of the records archive, FOIA, Privacy Act and Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation and Liability Act (EEOICPA) Contractor performance evaluated as excellent for five consecutive evaluation periods.

U.S. DOE Rocky Flats Field Office, Golden, CO 1996–2005

Director, Closure Project Management. (1996–2005)

Joe supervised 40 federal staff responsible for oversight of the cleanup at Rocky Flats and established the environmental program’s vision for guiding the 10-year project. He was responsible for implementation of the Rocky Flats Cleanup Agreement (RFCA), a tri-party agreement signed by DOE, EPA, and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) as the Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order. The agreement covered all aspects of the site legacy contamination cleanup and was the governing regulatory agreement for CERCLA and RCRA activities. In addition to the cleanup agreement, he was responsible for the implementation of other permits including the RCRA part B permit, the NPDES permit and the CAA permit. The part B permit covered operations, facilities and storage areas throughout the 400-acre Rocky Flats Industrial Area. Joe led environmental monitoring, radioactive and hazardous waste management, and infrastructure activities at Rocky Flats. In collaboration with Site regulators, local governments, and citizen groups, he completed risk-and dose-based modeling, conducted independent peer reviews, and established soil cleanup levels that aligned with DOE cleanup goals and achieved community acceptance.

Joe was the principal liaison with the EPA and State regulators, stakeholder groups and local elected officials. He was responsible for planning and executing strategic communications to achieve mission objectives, led hundreds of public meetings to Joseph Legare, BS, MS, PMP, STS 3 communicate risk, site end-state, future land use, and remediation endpoints and was a principal negotiator for establishing soil cleanup levels.

· Recognized in Congressional Record for contribution to Rocky Flats accelerated cleanup, January 2006

· Letter of commendation from U.S. Senator Wayne Allard for contribution to Rocky Flats Clean-up, July 8, 2005

DOE Office of Environmental Management, Washington DC 1992 – 1996

Deputy Director, Office of Safety and Health (EM-4). (1995–1996)

Joe managed 16 staff that developed policy and guidance for nuclear safety. He served as a member of the DOE Standards Committee and developed guidance to transition from compliance-based Order implementation to hazards-based commercial best practices.

Director, Office of Safety and Health (EM-23). (1995)

While directing 23 technical and administrative staff, Joe provided policy, guidance, and technical assistance to field and headquarters organizations on such safety issues as criticality safety, industrial hygiene, radiological control, fire protection, and nuclear safety. He facilitated implementation of crosscutting EM safety programs including Necessary and Sufficient Pilots, Safety Performance Indexing, Workplace Safety Improvement Program, and the Safety and Health Integrated Program. He led change in the EM office of Safety and Health, promoting greater ownership and leadership of the Federal staff and reducing the contractor support budget by two-thirds.

Director, Office of Operations Assessment (EM-25). (1994)

Joe directed six engineers, scientists, and administrative personnel responsible for providing field technical assistance in Conduct of Operations and ensured field offices provided adequate oversight of EM activities.

United States Navy 1984 - 1992

Program Manager, Pentagon. (1989–1992)

Joe was responsible for $100M annual budget for submarine combat systems, including new systems, operations and maintenance of deployed systems, and research and development.

Nuclear Propulsions Officer, USS Hyman G. Rickover (SSN 709). (1986–1989)

Joe served on a nuclear-powered fast attack submarine as an Engineering Officer of the Watch, Engineering Duty Officer, Sonar Officer, and Officer of the Deck.



B.S., Chemistry, University of Florida

M.S., Environmental Science and Engineering, Colorado School of Mines