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Giving to charity doesn’t always involve dollars. In fact one of the most valuable things you can contribute to a nonprofit is your time and talent.12043005_10206972190958955_6906318414432388989_n

Click Here for some opportunities to volunteer throughout the community

Here are some United Way Opportunities.


United Way has many volunteer committees that work hard to help those most vulnerable in our community. Each plays an important role to the progress that we make in Northern New Mexico because UWNNM is a volunteer driven organization.

Our volunteers guide our work and provide invaluable insight into our community. They direct every aspect of our mission, from our annual campaign to our financial oversight to the implementation of our strategic plan.

Volunteer of the Year 2013

Holly – 2013 Volunteer of the Year

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

To get involved, individuals can sign up by emailing Volunteer@UnitedWayNNM.org.  We will keep you updated as volunteer opportunities come up throughout the year.  United Way Day of Action, mailings, office work, proof reading and event coordination are just a few opportunities we have to engage our community.  Not only is this an opportunity to feel good about helping out, but, an opportunity for you to learn more about the wonderful place that we live in.  In addition, our Funded Partners also need a hand from time to time. Each offers unique and exciting opportunities from mentorship, reading to children, teaching basic computer skills, or home rehabilitation.  Whatever your skills may be, we encourage you to share them with us, we have a place for you!

Community Action Fund Volunteer Opportunities

The Community Action Fund belongs to the community, so each year, UWNNM staff and board partner with wonderful, dedicated community volunteers who determine to form the UW Grant Committee.  This committee determines programs merit Community Action Fund support. Volunteers are able to hear from experts in their fields how to best meet the most current needs in our community.  In addition, they review program proposals to assess efficiency and effectiveness, as well as alignment with UWNNM funding priorities.  Working together, they align investments with the most pressing needs in the community, creating our current funded partners.  Volunteers can become a liaison for a chosen Funded Partner and have the privilege of seeing the work they do year round.  You’ll be amazed!

United Way of NNM Campaign Committee    

The leaves are changing and the air is getting cooler but our campaign is just warming up!  The UWNNM Campaign kicks off in September each year and is a chance for UWNNM to showcase the good that we do in our community.  Learn about non-profit organizations that rely on us to raise funds for them to help our friends and neighbors. If you are looking for a way to get more involved in the community, this is where you should invest your time. The connections you will make in this position will thrust you into the know and circles in our community.  You also get the opportunity to raise awareness and resources to create the positive change you want to see right here in your own back yard.

United way of NNM Employee Campaign Manager          

A workplace campaign breaks the monotony of your workplace.  Campaigns are meant to be fun. Campaigns should include balloons, presentations, incentives, ideas, dunk tanks, stories, lunches, carnivals,  and giant Jenga. Workplace campaigns allow your employees the opportunity to help your friends, neighbors and communities through charitable giving.

Every year, the business leaders of Northern New Mexico choose their best and brightest to lead their workplace campaigns. These community champions are known to UWNNM as Employee Campaign Managers (ECMs).  ECMs are talented, creative and passionate about giving back and getting involved. In 2013, UWNNM worked with 20 ECMs from 15 companies. This allowed UWNNM to rAmbassadoreach out to more than 12,000 employees and ask them to contribute to their passion. Thanks to the hard work of these often unsung heroes, workplace campaigns happen—ECMs inspire thousands of employees to give themselves and together, making  a difference for thousands in our community. Employee Campaign Managers rise to the challenge to run their companies’ United Way campaigns in addition to their “regular job.” They ensure that employees have the opportunity to learn about the needs of our communities, how UNNNM helps those most vulnerable in Northern New Mexico and how they can make a difference by donating to the company’s annual United Way campaign

If you would like to learn more about supporting one of your employees to be an ECM or to become one yourself, check out our nifty handbook to see what tools and support you’ll have.



United Way of NNM Board Opportunities

If you are interested in serving on our board or would like more information regarding council volunteer opportunities please send an email with your information to Volunteer@UnitedWayNNM.org


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