Darkest Moments

Three local individuals found themselves facing challenging circumstances.

Amidst the bustling community, a devoted teacher named Sarah struggled to navigate the complexities of a divorce. With four young children under the age of 14, Sarah anxiously awaited the final determination of childcare support and custody. As she diligently taught her students, the weight of unexpected financial burdens bore down upon her shoulders. Sarah's electric bill had surged unexpectedly, leaving her unable to pay the full amount. Although she managed a partial payment, it was not enough to avoid the looming threat of disconnection. Recognizing her plight, Self Help, Inc. stepped forward, extending a helping hand to settle her electricity bill. Additionally, they connected Sarah with the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and other community resources to ensure ongoing support for her family's well-being.


Meanwhile, within the Santa Clara apartment building, which had been condemned the previous November, a woman named Emily found herself in dire straits. Awaiting disability support, she lacked the financial means to secure alternative housing. After tirelessly searching for a new home, Emily's perseverance bore fruit when she finally discovered a safe haven. However, the daunting hurdle of a security deposit threatened to derail her progress. Coming to her aid, the same compassionate Self Help, Inc that had helped Sarah stepped in once more, offering the assistance needed to overcome this obstacle. With their support, Emily could now embrace a fresh start and build a brighter future for herself.


In a remote corner of Rio Arriba County, an elderly woman named Mrs. Ramirez had been enduring a dire situation of her own. For over a month, she had been living without the fundamental necessity of running water due to a broken well. The days passed, marked by hardship and longing. However, a glimmer of hope appeared when she reached out to Self Help, Inc. This crucial support enabled Mrs. Ramirez's well to be repaired, rejuvenating her world and granting her access to the simple joys many take for granted. Overwhelmed with gratitude, Mrs. Ramirez jubilantly expressed her appreciation, elated to resume the everyday tasks that had been absent from her life. With running water restored, she could once again enjoy the ordinary pleasures of doing dishes and flushing the toilet, celebrating the return of life's basic comforts.


As these three tales converged, the threads of compassion, resilience, and community support wove a tapestry of hope and transformation. Within the interconnectedness of their shared experiences, Sarah, Emily, and Mrs. Ramirez found solace, strength, and the unwavering knowledge that, even in their darkest moments, they were not alone.