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United Way of Northern New Mexico Announces 2017 Funded Partners



Over $1 million was requested by 47 nonprofit organizations serving Los Alamos and Rio Arriba residents.  United Way of Northern New Mexico’s (UWNNM) Community Action Fund Grant Cycle concluded with the funding of $628,420 to 29 local nonprofits.  United Way’s funding will reach residents that are to be born this year to those needing assistance in the last stages of life.

UWNNM’s Grant Committee consists of Community Action Fund Investors, Cornerstone Partners, Community and Board Members who work tirelessly over the course of about a month helping decide where funds are best utilized.  Each year, members of the committee are asked to study local community health profiles, Youth Risk & Resiliency Survey Data, and local nonprofits in an effort to rank needs and identify gaps.
“As someone new and unfamiliar with Northern New Mexico, participating in the grant committee gave me invaluable insight in the unique geographies, cultures, history and challenges of the area. I also have a renewed respect to those involved in our local nonprofits who have dedicated their time and resources to making this a better place each and every day,” said Joe Martony, Chief Risk Officer of Los Alamos National Bank.


“Although Los Alamos is my home town, and I’ve spent many years roaming around Northern New Mexico, being a member of the UWNNM grant proposal committee opened an entirely new vision for me as to how incredible our state is. There are a lot of unfortunate situations in our region, but along with that are a vast number of individuals who take these issues head on, and give so much of their lives to ensure a better life for others. From a little day care hidden away in the mountains, feeding and educating children who would not otherwise receive that, to a crisis center who serves thousands in countless ways. Being a member of the UWNNM grant proposal committee was fun, educational, sad, exciting, heartwarming and fulfilling. It was a joy to meet all these wonderful people of our state and to work with, and get to know, the UWNNM board and other grant committee members,” said Mike Lippiatt, property manager for Plateau Property Management.


United Way’s funding revolves around what we define as pillars in our community – Education, Financial Stability, and Health. More specifically, 2017 funding focuses in the areas of:  Mental Wellness, youth development/mentorship, basic need assistance, and rehabilitation services.


UWNNM continues to narrow their program focus through the United Way of Northern New Mexico Behavioral Health(y) Community Initiative.  Through the grant cycle, this initiative gave competitive priority to applicants focused on a clearly defined population related to or serving Behavioral and Mental Health Programs.  Programs may include improving access to mental health service providers, substance abuse programs, programs that educate the community on mental and behavioral health issues, and preventative programs. In Rio Arriba, UWNNM seeks to fund nonprofits committed to organizing a comprehensive path to recovery through community collaborations and partnerships.


“We’d like to thank all of you who contributed to the UWNNM Community Action Fund and make this possible!” said United Way Executive Director, Kristy Ortega “We have many investors in the communities we serve, in addition to employees as Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos National Bank, Los Alamos County, Jemez Electrical Coop, and JB Henderson.  We are grateful to you for investing in us to better the lives of others.”


In addition, UWNNM would like to thank our Cornerstone investors, Los Alamos National Laboratory & LANS, LLC, Los Alamos National Bank, Los Alamos Medical Center, Blue Cross Blue Shield of NM, Centerra, Cray Inc., Plateau Property, RE/MAX of Los Alamos, and Tsay Corporation for allowing us to continue this crucial work in Northern New Mexico. Visit UnitedWayNNM.org/Community-Partners to learn more about our programs


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