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LANL CPO Joins Troy Hughes to Raise Thermometer

Troy and CPO

From Left to Right: Kathy Keith, LANL Community Programs Office Director, Troy Hughes, Los Alamos County Fire Chief, Kristy Ortega, UWNNM Executive Director, Debbi Wersonick, LANL Community Programs Office.

The LANL Employee Giving Campaign and Los Alamos County Employee Campaign fundraising campaigns are winding down.  Both giving campaigns are up this year thanks to the work of Kathy Keith, LANL , Debbi Wersonick and United Way Campaign Chair, Troy Hughes.  They joined United Way to raise the Community Action Fund Thermometer to over $424k.

“We are truly grateful for the work CPO and Troy have done this year.  We look forward to working with them on showing investors how fundraising is making an impact in 2016.” Kristy Ortega, Executive Director of United Way of NNM

Thank you all who have given so far.  There will be nonprofit tours throughout 2016 so you can have an opportunity to see how your investment in the community is making an impact on many lives.

LANL and LANS as organizations also invests in critical community needs that enables United Way to strengthen local nonprofits and work on filling gaps in crucial areas.DSC02380 DSC02381

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