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Summer Tours With United Way of NNM

In this fast-paced digital age we see many heart-warming stories, random acts of kindness, and stories that inspire us from all over the world.   United Way has sees stories just like these and they are happening right in our backyards.  You have helped make these stories. Through June, July, and August United Way representatives arranged tours for anyone to take part in.  This year, many took advantage of this opportunity and visited a variety of nonprofits who are making a difference in the community.

McCurdy Ministries

Project Carino team who helps youth through difficult situations and struggles

Embudo Library & Tutoring

Embudo Team has created community hub around Library

For us here at United Way this has been THE MOST rewarding part of our job and we urge you to take some time to partake in a visit or two.   We cannot express enough how this has enhanced our own personal giving experience.

Contact us if you would like to tour your community nonprofits. Call 505.662.0800 or Email info@UnitedWayNNM.org to join a tour

Amigos del Valle

Amigos del Valle clients express much gratitude for this service

San Martin de Porres

San Martin Soup Kitchen skewering deliciousness

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