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2014 Working in the Community


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In life we rely on professional advise in areas we are not immersed with knowledge in.  We feel the same should be true for making our community stronger.  United Way of Northern New Mexico is actively engaging Los Alamos and Rio Arriba Counties as well as working directly with each County’s Health Councils to stay current with needs in the region.  United Way works to form partnerships and collaborations that pull resources and have them work together to directly address pressing challenges and fill gaps in services our region faces.  This is all made possible with investments into the Community Action Fund.

Because of investments made to the Community Action Fund in 2013 so far this year this is how United Way of NNM has made an impact in our community.

photo (4)

  • A child has their first role model of healthy adult behavior
  • A grandmother has an advocate, a friend, someone to combat loneliness and confusing medication when they have no one else
  • A father has help to provide for his family while he is by his son’s side as he undergoes leukemia treatment
  • A grandfather struggling with Alzheimer’s is soothed by music from his hay day
  • A student challenged with dyslexia caught up to his peers in reading ability
  • A high school student has someone to talk to about his frustrations and feelings of giving up.

Twenty-Six Organizations Funded Based on Current NeedsCAFallocationALL

This year United Way of NNM focused funding requests around the greatest needs in our community as identified with County Health Councils.  Twenty-six organizations were funded in the areas of mental wellness, child development, mentorship and youth support, financial stability, physical health programs, and a portion of capital investment. “The funding process is always difficult because everyone who is applying is doing great things for people.  We are excited to work with our partners and to share they stories of how, together, we are helping you, your friends, your neighbors and making your community stronger.” says Kristy Ortega, United Way of NNM Executive Director.  Learn more about our Community Partners.

Stories from Community Partners

Carmen dealt with domestic violence for 47 years. Read how she turned her life around.

Alandra Ballet

Alandra and her family have faced many challenges in her young life. After Gerald and Margaret were told their toddler daughter would never walk they didn’t give up. See how a nonprofit changed her life

 Link Crew and WEB Crew Spark Collaboration and Culture Shift in Schools


Youth today face challenges that are mentally draining.  The need to be able to confine in someone has never been more important.  A collaboration with United Way of NNM, Juvenile Justice Advisory Board, LAPS Foundation, Los Alamos High School and Los Alamos Middle School, and YMCA Teen Center created a peer to peer mentoring program in Los Alamos schools.  Read more about the Link Crew and Web Crew program

STEM to Read Program Started in RAIL Libraries

STEM to Read, Storytime.Embudo Library

Activity backpacks, books, and family learning immerses children in an environment that help them to start looking at the world as Scientist, Engineers, and Mathematicians do.  This program is a pilot program that is starting at four nonprofit libraries in Northern New Mexico.  The United Way of NNM contributions will be leveraged with funding from the New Mexico State Library and the New Mexico Library Foundation, institutions that have been at the center of promoting and supporting the STEM to Read program in a growing number of libraries across the state.  The STEM to Read program partners with organizations such as PEEC and Explora to provide content for children.

 United Way of Northern NM’s Day of Action Creates Learning Trail at Urban Park


Learning happens everywhere a child goes, but parents, grandparents and caregivers may not always know how to support that learning. That won’t be the case at Urban Park, right here in Los Alamos! When Mom and Dad, Aunt Amy and Grandpa take their favorite young child to Urban Park now, they’ll be able to play fun games together that will help the child come to school ready to succeed. That’s because UWNNM, Los Alamos County, Metzger’s Do It Best and the YMCA YES Corp, along with some community volunteers will came together to create an outdoor interactive early learning Trail at Urban Park to help parents, grandparents and caregivers turn excursions into fun learning moments. The Born Learning Trail is a series of learning activities that any adult can play with young children. It is sponsored by UWNNM Community Action Fund Donors, Los Alamos County Parks, Recreation and Open Space Division and Metzger’s Do It Best.

Based on the latest early childhood research and approved by national early learning experts through United Way of America, the Born Learning Trail is designed to help adults interact with children to boost language and literacy development and to help caregivers understand how to best support early learning in outdoor everyday moments. There are 10 signs on the Born Learning Trail, each including activities such as “Look, Learn and Laugh” and “Hop, Toss, Shake and Wiggle” Watch! Stop! Learn! Play! encourages the caregiver to follow the child’s lead, while building the child’s curiosity and confidence.

Volunteer’s include United Way of Northern New Mexico Staff, Board, and Youth Team along with volunteers from the Los Alamos Family YMCA YES Corps

Classes from Little Forest Playschool and kids from Family Strengths Network are the initial testers of the trail.  We hope that many folks in our community can come out and enjoy it for years to

See more photos

 All of us want to live in  a thriving community, where we can raise our kids in a healthy environment, get good jobs and lead successful lives. Community Action Fund’s focus is on making our community a great place for everyone.  Community Action Fund investments stay in our community to tackle the current needs of the community.  Thanks to our Cornerstone Companies (listed below) the investments made into the Community Action Fund have no administrative fees.  This means 100% of the investments are helping your community.


Cornerstone Companies

 LANbClearLos-Alamos-Medical-Center  SOC Clear logo REMAXclear RioGrandeSun

JB Henderson Construction

cray_logo_registered_tagline_294c TSay Logo


United Way of Northern New Mexico (UWNNM) is a grant making organization dedicated to engaging human and financial resources to help meet the needs in our communities through Education, Financial Stability, and Health. The Community Action Fund benefits local nonprofit organizations serving Los Alamos and Rio Arriba Counties.

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