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Movement, Dance, and Arts. A Life-Changing Experience For Alandra

Alandra Ballet

Alandra in ballet. Photo courtesy Paulo T Photography

 Alandra was severely debilitated by a premature birth and CMV, and her parents thought she would never walk. Medical treatment and physical therapy alone could not help. Alandra’s parents were told to give Moving Arts a try to give her more opportunity to move her limbs. A dedicated staff from Moving Arts Espanola took a stand to help 3 year old Alandra through movement, dance, and the arts. After months of practice and hard work, Alandra began to tumble and as her strength improved so did her sense of balance. Now, Alandra is a regular artist at Moving Arts in a variety of dance disciplines and competes in Special Olympics. “Alandra took two second place ribbons and one third place ribbon in her first Olympics.” said Gerald, Alandra’s father ” We can’t tell you how great it is to see your daughter enjoying herself because of her accomplishments.”

“Alandra’s accomplishments are inspiring and the first time I met her, her positive attitude was incredible, she ended her talk with ‘Boo-Ya’.” says Jeremy Varela from United Way of Northern New Mexico. “Nonprofits are priceless to many people. Moving Arts gives us a great example of how they can turn challenges that someone is facing into opportunities to grow and succeed in life.”

For more information about Moving Arts visit their website www.movingartsespanola.org.  Click here to find out how United Way of NNM supports nonprofits like Moving Arts Espanola.


Alandra on stilts UW2 Alandra Flamenco UW2 Alandra Hip Hop UW2 Alandra Special Olympics

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