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A United Way Kickoff Unlike Any You have Seen Before

Invest in your community today!Coming off a productive first half of the year, United Way of Northern New Mexico is kicked off this year’s Community Campaign with a bang!  An off season that saw the start up of a peer to peer mentoring program at Los Alamos High School, a STEM to Read program, and a learning trail shows how United Way of Northern New Mexico is doing more in your communities because of your support.  United Way is continuing this momentum with a kickoff celebration unlike any they had done in the past for the community.  Los Alamos National Bank, The Blue Window, The Craig Martin Experience, along with Pajarito Brewpub all joined in to give this celebration more of an event-feel. It was a beautiful evening, thanks to all of you who joined us.

“We had such a successful first half of the year, we wanted to celebrate with the community that made it possible through contributions to the Community Action Fund. Community support has allowed us to leverage donations to build collaborations and programs that are starting to fill needs that we have learned about while working with the experts and professionals in the field.” says Kristy Ortega, United Way of NNM Executive Director. “We know that this new approach United Way is taking is making our community able to overcome challenges because of the synergy that our local nonprofits are creating. We want this to be a celebration of all local nonprofits, because when nonprofits are strong, your community is strong.”

A couple who are known for their charitable work, Pat Soran and Ann Hayes, have  graciously agreed to advocate to support this year’s United Way Community Impact Initiative.  “Our children are all on their own, with their families, and we now have the time and energy to devote to those causes that we feel help our community.” says Pat Soran.  “We feel we have lived a very gifted life and need to ‘pay it forward.’ If you have done well, be sure to do good.”

“It is fitting that Pat and Ann are chairing this year’s fundraising efforts.  They exemplify the giving culture that all people should bring into their homes.” United Way of NNM Marketing Assistant, Jeremy Varela says.  “They have inspired us (United Way) to start providing families with tips and information about raising children who are charitable and help others.” He continues, “My favorite part is making it something the family does together.”

United Way of Northern New Mexico annually fundraises from September through December. A big portion of our community support comes from pledge forms that are mailed in the beginning of September.  Traditionally we would fundraise solely to pass the funds to other local nonprofits.  While we continue to do this, we are now working in the community, on boards, with experts, and with nonprofits to strategically funding meet the current needs of the communities.  This past grant cycle nonprofits asked for a combined $1,098,644 to do their programs.  You will see the thermometer out in front of the post office in Los Alamos.

Visit the Community Action Fund page to see how we are working in the community.  Call 505.662.0800 for information about our activities, how to support community impact efforts, or to learn more about raising charitable children. 


Yay Boerigter

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Stephen Boerigter

Yay Food!

This yum moment brought to you by Blue Window Bistro

Yay United Way!

United Way Supports


LANB is such a generous organization. They are a reason Northern New Mexico is a great place to live. Thank you! Cathe McClard presents check to Kristy Ortega

Stage eye view

Yay Craig Martin Experience

The Craig Martin Experience was incredible. Thanks for entertaining us


Picture Perfect end to an incredible evening.

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