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Dinner Over Diamond Kicks Off Youth Team Events!

Yay Youth Team

Jenna Erickson, United Way Youth Team Chair

Hello! My name is Jenna Erickson and I am the 2014 chair of the United Way Youth Team. It is such an honor for me to be in this position to work on the events that the team has to present to the community this year. I am so excited for everyone to see what we have to offer! The members of the team this year are so motivated, creative, passionate, and just cannot wait to present all the hard work that they have been doing to everyone. We hope the community is as excited as we are!

The United Way Youth Team just kicked off its campaign at the beginning September. Proceeds from the youth team events benefit the Community Action Fund. Last year funds raised at youth team events helped start Link Crew which is a peer to peer mentoring program at the high school. At the start of the school year, the Link Crew Leaders welcomed freshmen into the high school community. Many of the youth team members are also a part of the Link Crew program.

Now I’m going to turn it over to Emily Hopkins, the producer of our first event Dinner Over Diamond!

Yay Dinner Over Diamond!

Emily Hopkins, Dinner Over Diamond Producer

Hi, everybody! I was so excited to be able to present this event to the community! Dinner Over Diamond was a wonderful opportunity for the community to prepare for the upcoming high school sports season and gave kids the chance to play games and hang out with the Hilltoppers themselves! We were so lucky to be able to have Bob’s Bodacious Barbecue as our caterer this year. Sunday, September 7th was a beautiful evening and diners were graced with a magnificent sunset. All of the proceeds go to support Link Crew and various programs and organizations that help make our community a great place to live! It was great to see all of the support from the community and special thanks to Zia Credit Union, Bob’s Bodacious BBQ, Los Alamos County, LAHS, LAHS Soccer, Cheer, and Football. We hope to see everyone at all United Way Youth Team events this fall!


Jenna Erickson and Emily Hopkins on behalf of the United Way Youth Team

 Youth Team Webpage

Yay United Way!



Gabe's Photobomb

There were Photobombs

Yay Serving

The lovely servers of the evening

Yay Cheer

Thanks LAHS Cheer

Yay Welcoming Committee

Welcoming Committee

YAY Food!

This yum moment brought to you by Bob’s Bodacious BBQ

Yay Hostesses

The hostess of the evening

Yay Overpass Dining

Elevated Dining Experience

Yay Youth Team Sponsors

Thanks Zia!

Yay Media!

Emily is kinda a big deal

Yay Youth Team

2014 Youth Team

DSC01040 DSC01041 DSC01042 DSC01048 DSC01051 DSC01058 DSC01060 DSC01067

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