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Philanthropy Series – Bennett’s Fine Jewelry & UPEX

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Tina Martinez and Alison Bennett of UPEX and Bennett’s Fine Jewelry.

“We care about the people in our community and surrounding areas.” Is why the Bennett Family gives back to our community.  Self Help, Kiwanis, United Way of Northern New Mexico, American Cancer Society, and the VFW is just a small list of organizations Upex and Bennett’s Fine Jewelry contribute to.  As with all local businesses, they are approached for donations throughout the year. “It isn’t always easy to pick and choose but we do try and give what we can, when we can.  We keep a list of organization and charities that have approached us for a donation and select from this list for the donations from our special events.”

What special events you might ask?  One of their annual special events is the holiday gem stone cake.   They donate cake and the gem stones that are placed on every slice of cake.  Customers purchase the gem cake slice and all proceeds are donated to a local organization or charity.  As icing on the cake, Bennett’s matches the proceeds from the gem stone cake.

UPEX has donated printing, posters and fliers, and gift cards for future purchases.

Remember UPEX for shipping, packaging, photos, and cards.  Bennett’s offers a fine selection of local artisan pieces, fine jewelry, Indian jewelry, pottery, various gift items, watch battery replacement and full service jewelry repair including watches and custom work. Small Business Saturday is November 30th.

United Way of Northern New Mexico sees generosity throughout the community.  We feel it is important to talk about some of the great things people do to give back to our community.  Please enjoy these stories about philanthropy in our community.

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