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Soup Kitchen is on Receiving End of Giving.

SoupKitchen_Check Presentation

United Way Board Vice President Valerie Martinez presents check to Kitchen Manager Suzan Roybal. Assistant Kitchen Manager Mona Romero and United Way’s Jeremy Varela also pictured. Photo courtesy Rio Grande Sun

For those of us who are fortunate enough to have food readily available, the importance of San Martin de Porres soup kitchen is indescribable   A San Martin meal is the best meal some of the community will have all day.  When thieves broke into the soup kitchen and stole 40+ tables it could have been devastating.  Suzan Roybal, Kitchen Manager, said these tables were important to put on their main fundraiser and community event, the “Chili Bowl Contest” (See Photos) .  As you might not know, fundraisers, grants, investments and community events are what help keep the doors of non-profits open.  Through raising the funds needed to operate and spreading the word about what they do for the community, these tables were more than plastic and metal frames.  They were assets to help keep the soup kitchen feeding those who need it.   United Way of Northern New Mexico is proud to be able to release funds from our Community Action Fund to replace the stolen tables.  We would like to thank those of you who invest in the Community Action Fund for making this possible.  Ms. Roybal and Ms. Romero were filled with gratitude that United Way was there to turn to when they were in need.  Ms. Roybal is so passionate about the soup kitchen and the people it serves.  We are thankful for Ms. Roybal and her family who make it their mission to feed those who need a meal.

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